Gibbons Foreign Legal Internship Program (FLIP)


Since 2000, Gibbons has operated a highly regarded Referendare program, also known as the Foreign Legal Internship Program (FLIP), under which German law school graduates spend part of their mandatory legal internships (“Wahlstation”) working at Gibbons in New York for three- or four-month rotations. They are supervised by Gibbons attorneys and assist, for example, with research of national or international legal issues and the review and translation of foreign legal documents.

Our training program offers an in-depth overview of the United States legal system and the opportunity to concentrate in one of our practice areas.

Activities typically include projects that present an inside view of the work of an American law firm, as well as attendance at court hearings and internal training sessions. Led by our German colleague, Myriam Rastaetter, referendare are typically involved in projects with two or three additional Gibbons attorneys.

Please note, Gibbons does not compensate referendare during their training period. We recognize, however, that living expenses in New York are relatively high and therefore provide a modest monthly “housing stipend.” After your application has been accepted, we will provide you with additional information related to housing in New York, visa requirements, medical insurance, etc.

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Successfully passed the First State Examination with an above average grade (at least “satisfactory”). Strong English skills and an interest in becoming familiar with the Anglo-American legal system.

Hiring Procedure:

Referendare are recruited for a period of three to four months, so that three to four referendare can spend their “Wahlstation” at Gibbons each year. Due to the large number of interested candidates, a timely application (six months prior to the desired start) is recommended.

Your application should include the following documents:

  • A personal letter in English, explaining the applicant's interest in the program
  • A resume in English
  • Copies of credentials (e.g., copy of State Examination Certificate)
  • A letter of recommendation, in English or German, from a member of the legal profession

Please send your application to:

Terry Myers, Esq.
Gibbons P.C.
One Pennsylvania Plaza, 37th Floor
New York, NY 10119-3701, USA
Or via email to:

If you have any further questions, please contact Myriam Rastaetter at